Textile Recycling Franchise Opportunity 

Franchise business make money 24 hours a dayAt Clothes Bin®, our mission is to help potential franchisees turn their entrepreneurial dream of business ownership into a reality. Our innovative business model promotes sustainability, helps reduce landfill waste, and gives new life to clothing, shoes and textiles throughout the country and around the world. 

If you’re searching for a franchise opportunity or looking to supplement your career or other businesses, Clothes Bin® is a worthy consideration. 

Recycling Bins Open 24 Hours a Day 

Conveniently placed at locations around your area like:

  • schools
  • high-volume shopping malls
  • restaurants
  • convenience stores
  • parking lots

When you become a franchisee with Clothes Bin®, your Bins are your hardest-working employees. The Bins work 24/7/365 without overtime pay, and they never call in sick, which means you enjoy contributions year-round. By optimizing your Bin locations either on your own or through our optional Bin Location Service , you can approach easy-access, high-traffic locations to host your Bins in your local community.  

When you review your Bins’ performance each month, you can make adjustments as needed to maximize contributions. Our advanced Bin Location Information Program (BLIP®) enables our franchisees to view their entire territory, analyze their operations, create the most efficient routes for staff, and gain a detailed performance analysis at each location. 

Textile Recycling Reduces Landfill Waste 

As the first and only textile recycling franchise, our franchisees play a key role in helping others do their part for the environment. When you join the Clothes Bin® family, you’ll become an advocate for promoting sustainability and textile recycling in your local community. 

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, textile waste occupies approximately 5% of all landfill space. While the textile recycling industry recycles 3.8 billion pounds of textile waste annually, 85% of textile waste is contributed to landfills. When clothes end up in landfills, they create greenhouse gases. Essentially, recycling textiles helps to reduce climate change and landfill waste. 

Our franchise opportunity offers a simple answer to the ongoing demand for green solutions. Clothes Bin® is poised for the next Green Movement among consumers by making it easy for communities to recycle textiles and do good for the environment. 

No Sales or Recycling Experience Needed 

Even if you don’t have any sales or business experience, it is possible to make your entrepreneurial dreams come true with Clothes Bin®. Plus, we offer extensive training programs at our corporate headquarters in South Florida, as well as in-territory training so you can confidently manage your business. 

Clothes Bin is a semi-absentee business opportunity that allows owners to continue working a full-time job while running their own business. Franchise ownership involves a flexible work schedule, low overhead, and competitive margins, creating an ideal for anyone looking to start their own business. 

Our proven processes offer efficient and cost-effective ways to manage your franchise, grow your business, and build value in your community. 

Consistent Sales 

With our National Buyer Program, Clothes Bin owners can connect with potential buyers throughout the United States. Franchisees may sell to local, regional, national, and international buyers. Textiles collected in Bins may be purchased by  local buyers, such as for-profit thrift stores, and unusable textiles may be converted  into other materials such as wipe cloths and rags,  or can be broken down to  their original fibers.  

Explore Flexible Franchise Ownership Opportunities with The Clothes Bin® 

IFA Franchising MemberThinking about starting your own business? Interested in promoting sustainability in your community? Learn more about franchise business ownership with Clothes Bin® here.