Clothes Recycling Bins for Shopping Centers

Looking for a no-hassle way to improve your bottom line? At Clothes Bin®, our national franchise system is made up of franchisees who own protected territories and operate clothing recycling bins. With flexible franchise opportunities for shopping centers, full-time business owners can install clothes recycling bins in high-traffic locations to encourage more contributions from the local community. Here’s how to support your business and promote sustainability with clothes recycling bins for shopping centers.

Franchise Business Opportunities for Shopping Centers

When you install clothes bins for shopping centers with us, your Bins will do the hard work for you. They work 24/7/365, providing accessible opportunities for shoppers to recycle their old clothes, shoes and textiles.

After all, shopping center customers are heading to the mall for new clothes and shoes, so why not give them an easy opportunity to drop off their pre-owned clothes instead of throwing them in the trash? By placing Clothes Bins for shopping centers in strategic, high-traffic locations, like parking lots near anchor stores, you can encourage your community to recycle, reduce landfill waste and give new life to textiles worldwide—while making money. Then, when the Bins are near capacity, they are emptied.

Clothes and Shoes Recycling Bins for Shopping Centers

Investing in a semi-absentee franchise with Clothes Bin® offers a great opportunity that fits your current lifestyle and schedule, whether you’re running your business full time or searching for new investment opportunities. Some advantages of franchising with Clothes Bin® include the following:

  • It’s a unique “side hustle” to and you can scaleat your own pace.
  • Lower overhead costs = Explore Flexible Franchise Opportunities With Clothes Bin®.

With so many shopping centers in high-traffic locations, installing Bins for shopping centers creates a convenient location for your community to recycle unwanted clothes. To learn more about our unique recycling franchise opportunities for shopping centers, request Clothes Bin® franchising information. We look forward to hearing from you!