Clothes Recycling Bins for Schools

Looking for efficient and fun ways to make your school money? At Clothes Bin®, we go the extra mile to support franchisees with the tools they need to grow their business. Our clothes recycling Bins for schools promote sustainability, help reduce landfill waste and give new life to textiles worldwide.
If you’re looking for a franchise business opportunity, we’re here to help. Here’s how to drive profit with our textile recycling program for schools.

Franchise Business Opportunity for Schools

Searching for a flexible clothes recycling franchise for elementary schools? When you start a franchise with Clothes Bin®, your Bins will be your hardest-working employees. They work around the clock without overtime pay and never call in sick so that you can enjoy contributions throughout the year.
Placing your Bins in high-traffic locations at local schools, including colleges, can inspire your community, including teachers, students, and their families, to join the recycling movement. School parking lots are typically high-traffic locations, with students being picked up and dropped off from school five days a week, so Bins can easily be filled.

Clothes and Shoes Recycling Bins for Schools

From school fundraising opportunities to winter coat drives and spring cleaning programs, our clothes recycling franchise for colleges and secondary schools offer many opportunities to encourage families to contribute their pre-loved clothing. Some additional benefits of franchising with Clothes Bin® include:

  • No previous sales experience is required.
  • It’s a flexible semi-absentee opportunity for full-time workers.
  • Low overhead costs equal more money in your pocket.

Whether you’re looking to support your school with flexible franchise opportunities or move toward a more sustainable community, our clothes recycling franchise for high schools and other learning centers can help you take the next step

Inspire Your Community with Clothes Bin®

Our clothes recycling franchise for middle schools, high schools, and colleges offers the perfect opportunity to boost profits for your school, inspire your community and set an example for students. If you have any questions about the process, we also offer Corporate Support to assist in signing up schools in your territory. Request Clothes Bin® franchising information today to learn more about textile recycling for schools.