Clothes Recycling Bins for Municipalities

Government buildings are busy places with a great deal of foot traffic. That’s why they’re a great location for strategically placed clothes recycling Bins for municipalities. By recycling clothing, shoes and textiles, your community can do its part to reduce the volume of waste it generates.

Of course, a clothes recycling franchise opportunity also offers enterprising entrepreneurs the ability to earn a passive income. That’s why partnering with Clothes Bin is a good option for municipalities because it also benefits government employees and the general public.

Franchise Business Opportunity for Municipalities

Installing clothes and shoes recycling Bins for municipalities on government property makes sense when you consider how many people visit these buildings daily. Foot traffic is particularly high in capital cities, where municipal buildings are often bustling with activity. Strategically placing a Bin in the parking lots of these buildings benefits everyone. Government employees will appreciate being able to drop off pre-loved items quickly and conveniently. In addition, our semi-absentee business model is readily scalable, and the incorporated technology makes monitoring the Bins simple.

Benefits of Franchising With Clothes Bin

There are many advantages of franchising with Clothes Bin®.  As noted, establishing Bins for municipalities allows staff and the public to recycle their pre-loved items at government buildings. It also helps control waste in your community, as clothing and shoes will be recycled instead of discarded in local landfills. In fact, 85% of textiles end up in landfills which, according to the EPA, equates to 17 billion pounds of waste–that produce greenhouse gases.

This innovative business model promotes sustainability and gives new life to clothing and shoes throughout the country and around the world.  In addition, our strong support system includes a sophisticated Bin Location Information Program (BLIP®), which monitors each Bin and alerts the franchisee whenever a Bin is close to its capacity and needs to be serviced.

Request Franchise Information from Clothes Bin

If you’re seeking a franchise business opportunity for municipalities, our Bins are ideal, thanks to the high volume of foot traffic in government building parking lots. Feel free to request Clothes Bin® franchising information to learn how you can get started.