Clothes Recycling Bins for Corporate Businesses

Corporate responsibility and sustainability are not difficult to achieve. When your business partners with Clothes Bin®, you can make your company more environmentally responsible while creating an additional, semi-passive revenue stream. Our recycling Bins for corporate businesses allow employees and customers to drop off pre-owned clothes, shoes and other textiles that are no longer wanted. —without adding to at-capacity landfills.


Any business can benefit from partnering with Clothes Bin®. However, this franchise opportunity for corporate businesses is well-suited to companies with high-traffic locations. These include banks, legal offices, medical facilities, and insurance brokers.

Why Clothes Bins for Corporate Businesses Please Employees

Employees are a company’s most valuable asset. They are directly responsible for the success of your business. Company perks are one of the best ways to ensure they are happy and productive. They can take many forms–from Free Donut Fridays to gym memberships. However, sustainability is one of the most effective perks that make employees feel good about where they work. With so much emphasis on climate change, the detrimental effects of fast fashion and greenhouse gases, a Bin can help promote recycling within your professional community.


When you place Bins in your corporate parking lots, you communicate an important message to your employees. You’re letting them know their company cares about sustainability and protecting the environment for future generations.

Why Customers Love Clothes and Shoes Recycling Bins for Corporate Businesses

Did you know that 77% of consumers prefer to choose companies that have demonstrated a commitment to making the world a better place? Furthermore, 73% of investors prefer investing in companies dedicated to environmental and social corporate responsibility. Send a message that your company cares about environmental stewardship.

Franchise Opportunities for Corporate Businesses

Now that you’re familiar with some of the advantages of textile business franchising with Clothes Bin®, you may be curious about how it works. It’s a straightforward, time-tested system. Once you become a franchisee, you’ll place your Bins in strategic locations in your corporate parking lots. If your business only has one physical location and a relatively small parking lot, you may only need one Bin. Larger corporations with multiple locations can benefit from adding a Bin to each parking area.


The Bins do all the advertising for you. The vivid color readily attracts attention, and the signs on the Bins explain to customers and employees that they can drop off their contributions there. Plus, it’s a semi-absentee business model that is readily scalable as your company grows, and the incorporated technology makes monitoring the Bins simple.

Contact Us About Our Clothes Recycling Bins for Corporate Businesses

You’ll likely have many questions about this clothes recycling business for corporate businesses, and our team looks forward to answering them. Take the first step today toward greater sustainability and a more eco-friendly brand. You can request Clothes Bin® franchising information to learn more.