Ways to Make Your Shopping Center More Passive Income

As the owner of a shopping center or mall, you may be looking for ways to make your business more passive income. In addition to providing customers with a wide selection of stores featuring the goods and services they desire most, you can also employ innovative methods of increasing revenue.

For instance, many business owners are learning about the benefits of an affordable textile franchise opportunity at Clothes Bin. Through their semi-absentee franchise system, the Bins encourage recycling, stimulate the economy, and boost your bottom line. Here’s how it works, along with a few additional methods that can increase rental income at your shopping center.

Effective Methods of Increasing Passive Income

In addition to a semi-absentee textile franchise opportunity with Clothes Bin, there are other ways you can enhance revenue. For instance, establishing Wi-Fi hotspots throughout the premises ensures shoppers can conveniently use their mobile devices. Stores can also use mobile apps that allow customers to purchase items remotely, which can then be picked up at the brick-and-mortar location. These high-tech advances ensure that shoppers return to your establishment again and again.

Advertising on social media is also ideal for increasing your customer base. Shopping malls can share information on the opening of new stores, great deals and discounts, and special events to encourage new shoppers to visit the location. In addition, social media marketing is a highly effective way to remain engaged with existing customers. When you improve and capitalize on customer engagement, you can rest assured of their long-standing loyalty.

How Clothes Bin®  Enhance Your Shopping Center

You’ve probably seen clothes and shoes recycling bins in front of stores and in parking lots recently. They make perfect sense at shopping malls, where people want new things and probably have unwanted items in their cars. Clothes Bin® is a national franchise system that consists of franchisees who own protected territories and operate clothing recycling Bins. They provide their franchisees with all the tools they need to grow their business.

Their innovative business model helps reduce landfill waste and gives new life to clothing and shoes throughout the country and worldwide. By placing a Bin in your parking lot, you will promote sustainability in your community and create an additional revenue stream.

Win Win with the Bin

When your shopping center invests in a Clothes Bin® franchise, you can look forward to rental income since Clothes Bin® will write you a check to lease a bin on your property. Shopping centers typically see a large volume of traffic daily, which means your customers will have ample opportunities to add their contributions to the Bin, much to the benefit of business owners. We encourage you to request more franchise information today to see the difference a Bin could make to your shopping center’s bottom line.