5 Ways to Make Your Gas Station More Passive Income

Like any business owner, gas station owners are always looking for new ways to make more money. As fellow entrepreneurs, Clothes Bin® has insight into how you might achieve that goal, and we may even be able to help you do it. So, let’s get into it.

Here are five ways owners may enhance their bottom line:

Deck Out Your Station

Does your gas station offer more than just gas? Do you have a stocked convenience store or a car wash? What about air pumps and vacuums, cleaning tools, and trash cans? Do you at least have clean restrooms? If not, it’s time to consider investing in income-generating amenities. While the initial expenditure may seem excessive, the money-making potential is promising. Happy customers return, and happy customers will tell others to patronize your store rather than one of your competitors.

Keep Your Restrooms Clean and Charge for Their Use

Fair or not, gas station restrooms have a bad reputation. Differentiate your facilities by keeping your restroom pristine. Such a small thing has a bigger impact than you might think. According to an annual survey by Bradley Corporation, 64% of Americans have chosen to frequent a business because their public restrooms were well-maintained. That kind of increased traffic can also be parlayed into a wider customer base by making them available contingent on purchasing gas or concessions.

Be Open When You Say You’re Open

For whatever reason, gas stations seem to get away with having more fluid hours than other businesses. Though it may be the industry norm, it quite literally deters potential customers from coming back the next time. Don’t let that happen. If you keep an employee on the clock during stated business hours, you can avoid starting a rumor that your business has shut down permanently or is unreliable. That reputation will be hard to live down.

Get Technical

These days, a large chunk of a gas station’s business comes through the phone with customers looking for the cheapest, closest, and best in the area. Don’t get lost on the information highway. Make sure your gas station is easily findable on major search engines and has a presence on sites like GasBuddy and Yellow Pages. It also means installing a mobile pay option at your pumps. This not only opens more convenient avenues of payment for your business but also lets customers know that you’re planning to stick around for the foreseeable future.

Partner With a Good, Green Cause

Searching for a simple way to make your gas station more income? A Clothes Bin on your premises gives your customers a convenient way to get gas and some snacks and drop off unwanted attire in clothes and shoes recycling binswhile you support an accessible green solution to reduce landfill waste.

Best of all, you don’t have to do much. Semi-absentee franchise ownership allows you, after the initial setup, to primarily focus on the remainder of your business operations while having a new source of passive income.

If you’re interested in a clothing recycling franchise ownership opportunity or if you’d like to request more franchise information, contact Clothes Bin. We look forward to hearing from you.