5 Ways to Make Your Restaurant Parking Lot More Passive Income

Like any other business owner, restaurateurs are constantly searching for new ways to grow their business—and for a good reason. According to a recent study, 60 percent of restaurants fail or change ownership within the first three years of opening. The good news? With some planning and preparation, you can transform your café or steakhouse into a valuable business.

At Clothes Bin®, where we strive to offer convenient ways for communities to recycle clothes and shoes, we have some tips on how you can achieve your goals. Here’s everything you need to know to make your restaurant parking lot more successful.

#1 – Level Up Your Entrepreneurial Skills

You’ve already worked hard to build and launch your restaurant. What if you could launch another business with minimal time and effort? At Clothes Bin®, our flexible semi-absentee franchise opportunity is ideal for business owners looking to add an additional revenue stream. Even if you’re busy, growing your franchise is possible without compromising your other professional responsibilities.

#2 – Prioritize Quality and Consistency

As a restauranteur, you need to find effective strategies to beat the competition—and quality and consistency can make all the difference to your customers. From the kitchen to the table, emphasizing high-quality food and consistent customer service can help keep your loyal customers returning for more. So whenever possible, help your staff deliver efficient service with regular training sessions and upselling techniques.

#3 – Take Advantage of Foot Traffic

Whether you’re running a bistro downtown, a diner off a busy highway exit, or close to your local mall, most restaurants are situated in locations with high volumes of driver and foot traffic. Take advantage of these areas to create a convenient space for your customers to recycle clothes, shoes, and textiles on their next visit. When you set up clothes and shoes recycling bins in your restaurant parking lot, you can increase revenue while encouraging your local community to recycle.

#4 – Rethink Your Menu

If you’ve noticed a consistent drop in sales, it might be time to rethink your menu. Is it long and complicated? Does it lack healthy options? Are your selections competitively priced? Your restaurant menu can make or break your business, so it’s essential to evaluate it regularly based on changing food trends and wholesale food prices.

#5 – Showcase Your Core Values

Your customers want to shop and eat at local businesses that align with their own values. For example, if your restaurant focuses on sustainably sourced food and local ingredients, you can emphasize this with our recycling franchise opportunity. By strategically placing Bins around your restaurant parking lot, you can demonstrate to customers that your core values extend beyond ingredients and sourcing—while making additional rental income from the Bins.

Win Win with the Bin

Interested in learning more about our sustainable recycling franchise opportunity? Contact us today to request more franchise information. We look forward to hearing from you.

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