Semi-Absentee Franchise Business Opportunity

The idea of running a business appeals to many people, as those with multiple income streams are better poised to build long-term wealth. However, many of us are also too busy with our 9-5 jobs to invest much time in entrepreneurship. Franchising, in general, offers an excellent way to diversify in uncertain times. Still, most franchise owners roll up their sleeves, visit the premises every day, and wear many hats in order for the business to thrive. They typically do not have any time outside their current investment to pursue other business opportunities or interests. Fortunately, semi-absentee franchise ownership offers all the benefits of owning a franchise while providing flexibility.

What is a Semi-Absentee Business?

A semi-absentee business gives flexibility to the owner to not need to be “in the business” at all times. After making the initial investment, owners can hire employees  to run the operations  and they can still focus on building wealth outside the franchise, pursuing hobbies or spending more time with family.

Absentee vs. semi-absentee

Vending machines and movie rental kiosks are considered true “absentee businesses,” as owners are, in no way, involved in the day-to-day operations. When deliberating over absentee vs. semi-absentee, you may find more opportunities available under the “semi-absentee” umbrella. Both types of business hold great  potential with a lower amount of oversight.

Benefits of a Semi-Absentee Franchise

Semi-absentee franchises are attractive business models, as they:

  • Allow busy, employed individuals the opportunity to grow a business on the side.
  • Make it possible for someone to start a franchise while tending to other business or personal obligations.
  • Appeal to retirees who don’t want to be tied to an office, while retaining independence and freedom.
  • Present an easy path to scaling up and owning multiple units of the franchise..
  • Offer a remote-management option for owners who live in other areas.
  • Show young adults the ropes of business ownership, with the chance to sell or passively invest later.

Clothes Bin® is a semi-absentee franchise opportunity

Clothes Bin® is a semi-absentee franchise opportunity that works full-time. Our business builds on Green Movement trends and consumer demands for convenience in recycling clothing, shoes and textiles. Your franchise starts with ideally located green Bins. Contributors Fill the Bins, and the contents are sold by the pound. Learn more about why to chose Clothes Bin® for your semi-absentee franchise business.

Here are a few of the advantages of choosing Clothes Bin® as your semi-absentee franchise:

  • Ranked among the “Top 100 New Franchises” by Entrepreneur and INC Magazine.
  • The market is hot, as 85% of textile waste ends up in landfills.
  • We’re led by a team with over 125 years of textile collection and distribution experience.
  • Your franchise comes with proven processes and cost-efficient ways to manage and build value.
  • Support programs for Bin servicing and thrift store partnerships take even more off your plate.
  • The fees are transparent and flat — $6/Bin/week in royalties and $4/Bin/week for BLIP technology.
  • You are not charged any marketing or advertising fees.
  • First responders receive a discount on their initial franchise fee.
  • Discounts are available for subsequent purchases with 50% off your second territory and 75% off your third.
  • You can complete your office work from home with no major overhead commitments.
  • The initial investment requirements are relatively low.
  • Franchise owners are eligible for third-party financing with approved credit.
  • Franchise owners have also used 401k rollovers, SBA and HELOCs to get started.


Contact Clothes Bin® to learn more about this semi-absentee business opportunity. Our mission is to help people attain their entrepreneurial dream of business ownership while acting as good stewards to the Earth and making a difference. The semi-absentee format lends itself to a side business for teachers, firefighters, veterans, executives, entrepreneurs, and anyone looking to build wealth through multiple income streams.