The Environmental Benefits of Clothes Bins in Multi-Family Residences

Looking for ways to promote sustainability in your community? In 2018, Americans sent over 17 million tons of textile waste to landfills—which has continued to increase. Considering that it takes over 200 years to break this down, it’s clear that everyone needs recycling opportunities to reverse these trends and protect the environment.

At Clothes Bin®, our franchise business opportunity for apartment and condo complexes helps reduce landfill waste by providing convenient options for residents to recycle pre-loved clothes, shoes, and textiles. Partnering with us allows residents to feel good about doing their part to tackle this issue. Here’s how our textile recycling Bins can transform your multi-family property into an eco-friendly community.

Create an Environmentally Friendly Brand

When you invest in a clothes and shoes recycling franchise opportunity, you incentivize residents to support green initiatives by installing convenient Bins in their parking lots. Providing accessible recycling opportunities doesn’t just help around the property; it can also help boost your appeal to new tenants. When you highlight these values to prospective residents, you’ll take one step closer towards building a sustainability-minded community.

Join Clothes Bin’s efforts to transform multi-family residences by providing a valuable service for the neighborhood and boosting the local economy while reducing waste and environmental stress.

Keep Your Property Cleaner

How often are your property’s dumpsters overflowing before trash collection day? For most managers or owners, overflowing dumpsters are a common problem that frustrates residents and may lower property values. Fortunately, textile recycling Bins for the environment can help eliminate this problem by diverting recyclable textile materials from the dumpster.

An apartment recycling program can go a long way toward reducing excess waste–since many people keep these items in their cars or nearby in their homes. Less trash will leave your property cleaner and more inviting, which can also help you put your best foot forward within the community.

Create an Eco-Friendly Community with Clothes Bin

If you’re looking to create an apartment recycling program, finding a franchise that works for you is important. We partner with business owners, property owners, management companies of shopping centers, religious organizations, and schools who allow us to place our signature green Bins on their properties. Clothes Bin® partnerships include organizations nationwide. Our semi-absentee recycling franchise ownership offers all the benefits of owning a franchise while providing flexibility.

To learn more about our franchise opportunities for multi-family residences, contact our team today to request more franchise information and Win Win with the Bin.