Summer Camp Fundraising Ideas

The benefits of summer camp for kids are immeasurable. Summer camp helps children learn about teamwork, develop lifelong skills, enjoy social activities and become more independent while also staying out of trouble during those long summer days.

Yet, many working families have trouble affording to send their kids to summer camp, even for just a week or two out of the year. These kids are at a particular disadvantage because their families may not be able to afford childcare or other summertime activities.

At Clothes Bin®, we’re all about “Fillanthropy.” We offer recycling programs for school fundraising that allow school communities to simultaneously promote responsible environmental stewardship while also raising funds to send kids to summer camp. Let’s take a look at how it works!

How Do Textile Recycling Fundraisers Work?

Every year, the average American tosses out about 70 pounds of clothes, shoes and other textiles. That’s about 16.9 billion pounds of preventable landfill waste. Clothes Bin® is on a mission to mitigate the textile waste problem while simultaneously promoting our own form of “fillanthropy”—offering schools and similar organizations effective fundraising opportunities.

When a school invests in a clothes and shoes recycling Bin franchise, they can set up Bins at strategic locations around their campus and encourage families in the school community and beyond to make contributions. Families can responsibly discard their unwanted textiles, and in the process of doing so, teach their children about being good stewards of the environment.

Clothes Bin is notified by their technology powered Bins when they need to be serviced. Clothes Bin services these Bins This type of fundraiser can effectively raise money to send more kids to summer camp, and best of all, it’s no work and no cost for the camp.It’s a low-barrier form of philanthropy.

What Are the Most Profitable Fundraisers for Schools?

Public schools in particular, often struggle with budget cuts, and it might seem almost insurmountable to raise the additional funds needed to give kids an enriching summer experience. Yet, there are indeed plenty of profitable fundraisers for schools.

Clothes recycling Bins for schools are among the least labor-intensive fundraising ideas since people throughout the community will do much of the work by bringing their contributions to the Bins. Other profitable fundraisers for summer camps can include:

  • “Thons” – Consider hosting a schoolwide walk-a-thon, bike-a-thon or dance-a-thon. It’ll encourage kids to be more active while also raising funds for summer camp.
  • Themed gala – Your school or nonprofit summer camp could host a gala with a fun theme. You can network amongst local businesses to obtain contributions for a silent auction or raffle.
  • “Go Green” drive – Your school community can organize a clean-up event in which kids and parents clean up litter from a specified area, such as a beach, park or along a roadway. Recyclable bottles can be brought to a recycling center for redemption. You can also work to arrange sponsors who will agree to provide funds for each pound of trash collected and disposed of.
  • Sneaker drive – After hosting a Clothes Bin® at your school campus, raise awareness by announcing a sneaker drive. Encourage members of the local community to bring their unwanted sneakers to the Bin for proper disposal.

Start Your Summer Camp Fundraiser Today

Are you ready to win-win with the Bin? The Clothes Bin® recycling franchise opportunity can help your school community send more kids to summer camp this year, helping them stay active and engaged.


Contact Clothes Bin® today to request more clothes recycling franchise information and find out how your school community can get started.