What Is Textile Recycling?

You know better than to chuck plastic bottles in the trash, and you always recycle your old newspapers without fail. But could you be doing something more to protect the planet?

Textile recycling is a great way to ramp up your eco-conscious lifestyle and if you have an entrepreneurial spirit, it may even pave the way for a clothes and shoes recycling franchise opportunity. Let’s take a closer look!

What Is the Definition of Textile Recycling?

The simplest definition of textile recycling involves taking an item of clothing or other textile that would otherwise be thrown away and giving it new value instead of simply tossing it in a landfill. It’s what we like to call “Fillanthropy.”

These eco-friendly practices for the community keep waste out of landfills and help keep our planet beautiful. Textiles that are too worn out to be worn can be processed using either mechanical textile recycling techniques (which involve shredding the textiles into their base components) or chemical textile recycling techniques (which involve chemically breaking down the polymers of the fabric).

Chemical textile recycling is known as closed-loop recycling because the recycled material can then be used to produce the same type or quality of product as the original. Mechanical textile recycling is open-loop recycling because the recycled material can be used to create other products, such as insulation, mattress stuffing, or cleaning cloths.

What Should I Do with My Old Clothes and Shoes?

You’ll find our signature green Bins in convenient locations all over the U.S. Usually, Clothes Bin® franchisees place Bins at:

  • Shopping malls and plazas
  • Convenience stores
  • Supermarkets and fitness facilities
  • Schools and community centers

Why Is Textile Recycling Important?

Every year, the global community produces. The average American throws away about 70 pounds of textiles annually, and only a tiny fraction of that is recycled. In fact, 85% of all textile waste ends up in landfills. Textile waste is a huge problem for our planet, as it quickly fills landfills and adds to the carbon emission problem.

If you’re passionate about solving the textile waste problem, opening a clothes recycling Bin franchise in your community might be the opportunity you’ve been looking for. You’ll be doing your part to encourage your neighbors to be responsible stewards of the environment, and you’ll become an entrepreneur operating your own semi-absentee business.

How Can I Get Involved with Textile Recycling?

If you’re passionate about protecting the environment and eager about a semi-absentee franchise opportunity, contact Clothes Bin® to discuss the next steps. As a Clothes Bin® franchise owner, you’ll be part of the solution–you’ll help change the lifecycle of unwanted textiles going to waste in landfills.


Contact Clothes Bin® today to request more clothes and shoes recycling franchise information.