Textile Recycling Part Time Business Opportunity

According to the Recycled Textiles Association, in 2012 about 85% of textile waste ends up in landfills where it occupies unnecessary landfill space. This overwhelming statistic is rooted in the lack of a convenient way for people to properly recycle or dispose of clothes, shoes and textiles.

How Does This Textile Recycling Business Opportunity Stack Up?

The average American discards approximately 70 pounds of clothes, shoes and textiles each year. Most of these items end up in local landfills, which amounts to an astounding 16.9 billion pounds of preventable waste each year.

Unlike other typical recyclables such as bottles, cans and paper goods, most local municipalities do not offer a convenient way for their citizens to properly recycle textiles.

Current recycling trends according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency

  • TEXTILES: Most people don’t know that textiles can be recycled making them the greatest opportunity for future growth: 85% Growth Opportunity
  • NEWSPAPERS: Paper recycling is one of the most popular form of recycling: 28% Growth Opportunity
  • SODA CANS: Recycling remains a popular preference for consumers as long as it is convenient: 50% Growth Opportunity

Why Should You Own a Clothes Bin Franchise?

  • Proven Business Concept
  • Strong Franchise Support Program
  • State Of The Art Technology
  • Hands On Business Opportunity

Clothes Bin® is a national franchise system made up of independently owned bins that are operated by franchisees.

You’re looking to be a part of an experienced team of industry professionals by joining a franchise system with a proven concept. That’s why we created a strong franchisee support program backed by state-of-the-art technology and our Clothes Bin® Corporate Buy Back Program, so that the items you collect are easier to monetize.

This affordable franchise offers a flexible work schedule, low overhead and competitive margins, making it the ideal opportunity for veterans, firemen, teachers, entrepreneurs, part-time workers and anyone looking for a hands-on business.

The part-time nature and flexibility of owning and operating a Clothes Bin® franchise also makes it a great fit for existing franchisees in other systems who are looking to diversify and expand their interests into another industry.

Compliment Your Other Franchises or Part-time Job With Clothes Bin Franchise Opportunity

Clothes Bin® compliments your other franchises or part-time job. The flexibility of the Clothes Bin® franchise makes this the perfect opportunity for individuals who own other franchises, are looking to capitalize on their free time or supplement their part-time job or profession.

  • Open 24 hours a day. Bins act like cash machines by making money while you sleep.
  • Help others do their part for the environment. Your Clothes Bin® franchise will play an important part in keeping clothes and textiles out of your local landfills.
  • No sales experience needed. The Bin® does all of the selling by compelling your customers to fill the bins. Simply place each bin in a convenient location and your customers will do the rest.
  • Consistent sales. Our Clothes Bin® Corporate Buy Back Program provides an option for the Company to purchase your collected clothes, shoes and textiles at wholesale prices: How it works

What makes Clothes Bin Franchise the “Best Business Opportunity” for You?

Clothes Bin® is a part-time franchise opportunity that works full-time:

  • The Bin® is your hardest working employee. They work 24/7/365 without overtime pay and they never call in sick. For them, HR stands for “Happily Recycling.”
  • Getting started is easy. No build-out, construction inspections or soft openings to worry about. Your bins are ready to get to work the moment you place them in the field and if the location isn’t working for you, you simply relocate the bin to another location. It’s that simple.
  • Rain or shine, day and night your bins are working for you. BLIP® will monitor each bin and tell you when they need to be serviced. Our unique system will even layout the most efficient collection route.
  • Simple to manage. Unlike many other franchise opportunities, Clothes Bin® franchisees never have to worry about food costs, spoilage or ongoing inventory management and holding costs.
  • Affordable franchise. Third-party financing and affordable franchise options make it easier to get started. We even provide discounts for the military, veterans, police and firemen.
  • Financing is available* Qualified franchisees may receive third-party financing with approved credit.