If you’re looking for a side hustle, investing in a clothes and shoes recycling franchise opportunity with Clothes Bin® could be a great opportunity. We are the first and only clothing recycling franchise that strives to offer convenient ways for communities to recycle textile waste. With our advanced BLIP technology, the simplicity of the structure and process ensures that implementation and success are very attainable.

BLIP is Bin Location Information Program, an innovative system that provides information to franchisees from the convenience of their mobile devices. It streamlines the process of managing your franchise.

The Bin® is full of TECHNOLOGY

Clothes Bin® is bringing textile recycling to the 21st century with BLIP® (Bin® Location Information Program). BLIP® monitors each Bin and alerts the franchisee whenever a Bin approaches its capacity and needs to be serviced.

Clothes Bin® Technology

As a semi-absentee franchise opportunity, Clothes Bin® is ideal for businesses or individuals seeking flexible scheduling and a lower level of supervision.

BLIP can assist you with the following functions:

  • Bin Performance and Analysis Data – Bin location can significantly impact the volume of contributions you receive. With analysis data, you’ll know precisely how each Bin is performing, enabling you to make smart decisions when managing your franchise.
  • Service Notifications – Sensors within the Bin can detect when it’s near capacity. At this point, you’ll receive a notification to your mobile device or laptop indicating that it is ready to be serviced.
  • Territory Visualization – BLIP also offers an easy way to get a feel for your entire franchise territory. This feature makes managing your Bins much easier thanks to the user-friendly interface and comprehensive mapping.

BLIP Technology

MAP Your Route

In addition to our state-of-the-art bins pro-actively notifying you when they are approaching capacity and need to be serviced, BLIP® allows the franchisee to visualize their territory on an interactive map that includes their placed Bins, as well as detailed contact information for potential Bin locations.

BLIP’s® powerful technology also maps out the most efficient collection route and helps the franchisee determine which Bins are performing well, and which Bins may need to be moved to alternative locations.

Thanks to BLIP® and our proven processes, either an owner operator or manager can run the franchise operation with one part-time assistant. This makes managing your network of Bins more efficient.

Bin Monitoring Technology for Franchisees


Because BLIP technology is so multi-faceted–offering several forms of assistance to franchisees—it can make investing in a franchise much more appealing. For example, you can look forward to the following benefits of franchising with Clothes Bin® thanks to BLIP:

  • Select the best possible Bin locations based on performance analysis data
  • Easily determine which Bins are underperforming so they can be relocated
  • Efficiently receive notifications when a Bin is nearing capacity
  • Enjoy access to the quickest possible route from your location to the Bin for greater efficiency

Request Franchise Information

BLIP helps take the guesswork out of managing your franchise while also priming you for a rewarding experience. If you’d like to learn how to Win-Win with the Bin, please request Clothes Bin® franchising information.