How Clothes Bin Recycling Franchise Works

As a semi-absentee franchise operation, Clothes Bin® Franchise is an opportunity for anyone looking for a flexible business model, including veterans, firefighters, teachers, entrepreneurs, and anyone looking for a semi-absentee franchise opportunity with low overhead. Thinking about opening a franchise? Searching for a new investment opportunity?

Here is what you need to know about how a franchise operates with The Clothes Bin®:

1. Bins Placed in Ideal Locations

When you start a recycling franchise with The Clothes Bin®, you’ll purchase an initial set of textile recycling bins to start your business, and you’ll receive a protected territory.

After receiving your Bins, you’ll use our proprietary Bin Location Information Program (BLIP®) to place Bins throughout your territory. Bins can be moved as needed to increase productivity using Bin Optimization methods. Some examples of convenient, easy-access Bin locations include:

2. Contributors Fill the Bins

Contributors find the conveniently placed Bins and fill them with textiles such as unwanted clothing and shoes. Our bright green Bins become the go-to for anyone in the area with textiles while also providing a convenient option to help reduce textile waste in your community.

As your hardest-working employees, Bins are always open. As an added ‘Bin’efit, they work 24/7/365 without overtime pay and never call in sick. With home-based operations and no major overhead commitments, you are free to pursue other interests, business or otherwise, and continue investing as your franchise grows, if you so choose.

3. Service Full Bins

When a Bin nears its capacity, you’ll receive a notification from BLIP®. By automatically generating a roadmap with the most efficient collection route, our advanced BLIP® technology significantly reduces the time and effort required for franchisees to service Bins.

BLIP® works for you remotely wherever you are —all you need is an internet connection to keep track of activity.

4. Unload Contents

When it’s time to collect items from full Bins, BLIP® will automatically generate the most efficient routes for you or your employees.  The Clothes Bin® provides extensive training, including how to:

  • Drive, load and unload trucks
  • Service full Bins
  • Properly load trailers with textiles
  • Handle, place and move Bins
  • Deliver textiles to buyers

5. Receive Funds for Contents

Franchisees have two options to get paid for their recycled items. They may either independently sell the recycled textiles or participate in the Clothes Bin® National Buyer Program. Franchisees who choose the latter sell the contents at wholesale value directly to the Company.

During your initial training program, you’ll receive onsite training at our corporate headquarters in South Florida on how to deliver and sell textiles to buyers. Our franchisees can sell to local, national and international buyers through our National Buyer Program, including second-hand shops and thrift stores.

Clothes Bin® Is Full of TECHNOLOGY

Clothes Bin® brings textile recycling to the 21st century with our powerful Bin Location Information Program (BLIP®). BLIP® monitors each Bin and alerts the franchisee whenever a Bin approaches its capacity and needs to be serviced.

MAP Your Route

In addition to our state-of-the-art Bins proactively notifying you when they are approaching capacity and need to be serviced, our advanced BLIP® technology makes it easy for you to visualize your territory on an interactive map. With BLIP®, you can view your placed Bins, as well as detailed contact information for potential Bin locations.

BLIP® also maps out the most efficient collection route, allowing you to determine which Bins are performing well and which Bins may need to be moved to alternate locations through Bin Optimization.

The Clothes Bin® National Buyer Program

Franchisees can independently sell the contents collected in the Bins to local, regional, national or international buyers and/or participate in the Clothes Bin® National Buyer Program.

Ready to make your entrepreneurial dreams come true with The Clothes Bin®? Learn more about our steps to ownership today.