Clothes Recycling Franchise for Churches

If you’re looking to create extra revenue for your church, then investing in a semi-absentee, simple-to-manage clothes and shoes recycling franchise opportunity could be a great way to raise funds and encourage charitable giving in the local community.

Helping your local community

At Clothes Bin®, we understand that many churches already collect clothing to distribute to people in need. Some churches have even established thrift shops that require on-site managers and staff to support their fundraising efforts. One challenge that most church clothing drives face is that they typically require the support of multiple volunteers and hosting an event where people can visit to drop off second-hand clothing. 

Investing in a Clothes Bin® franchise means you can install a permanent Bin at your church so that church members and anyone in your local community can drive up and make a contribution of their pre-loved clothing any time of year. There’ll no longer be any need to arrange a special event and rely on local volunteers to organize anything!

Clothes recycling fundraising for churches

Clothes Bin supports local community partners by offering various fundraising programs. We will provide your church with a Bin free of charge and then pay you for the contents to help you meet fundraising targets and raise much-needed capital for local church programs and initiatives.

Benefits of a clothing recycling franchise for a church

Setting up a recycling franchise at your church can provide lots of benefits, including:


Churches are often the center of the community and are frequented by many people in your area. Placing a Bin at your church is a prime location as high foot traffic and accessibility are essential to building a successful franchise. Bins are also simple to manage, making them a great option if you’re busy working in your local community.

Regular contributions

Because so many different types of people visit churches at different times of the day, there are lots of opportunities for your visitors to contribute to your Bin and donate their pre-loved clothing and shoes to help their local community.

Enhancing existing recycling initiatives

If you already have a recycling program in your church, such as plastic bottles or paper, adding textiles is a great way to enhance your existing program and make a positive difference to the environment by helping reduce landfill space taken up by textiles. 

Choose Clothes Bin® for your church

Clothes Bin® is passionate about educating people about the amount of textiles that end up in landfills and is always looking to help spread the message about the importance of textile recycling. Our Bins are a simple way to encourage everyone in your local community to take positive action to tackle climate change. 

Purchasing a low-cost clothes recycling franchise opportunity demonstrates to your church community that you’re focused on doing your part to support our planet. It’s also a low-maintenance way to help meet your overall fundraising goals. 

To find out more about our Bins, request more franchise information, and we’ll contact you with all the details.


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