Spotlight on New Clothes Bin® Franchisee in Long Island, New York

Congratulations to Ken, the newest Clothes Bin® franchisee! Ken recently opened his new franchise business in New York. As a noted Climate Change Entrepreneur with exceptional business acumen and a strategic innovator in climate change and renewable energy solutions, Ken will no doubt enjoy the dual-mission of the Clothes Bin® franchise model. Our climate-friendly clothes recycling Bins provide semi-absentee business opportunities while supporting green initiatives.

Meet Ken: Environmental Advocate and Clothes Bin® Franchisee

Ken is an advisor and co-founder of an Environment-First B Corporation that supports leaders in diverse organizations as they work to meet climate-friendly objectives. Ken facilitates knowledge-sharing among leaders and organizations working to solve the same environmental issues.

Through deep research, analysis, and acute insights, Ken empowers industry leaders to act judiciously toward a better world for all. Before founding this company, Ken also led an initiative to develop strategic growth for eco-friendly products at a finance company which was later bought out by a larger institution.

In sum, he is an expert at translating the intricacies of complex climate change issues to mobilize organizations for action and is passionate about scaling business solutions for climate change.

Why Ken Chose to Invest in a Clothes and Shoes Recycling Franchise

Ken has devoted his professional life to promoting environmental responsibility that helps move society toward a greener, brighter future. He chose to invest in our clothes and shoes recycling franchise opportunity because The Clothes Bin® franchise makes sound environmental sense. The EPA estimates that roughly 17 billion pounds of textiles end up in landfills each year. Only about 15% of textile waste generated is recycled.

The public demand for environmentally friendly solutions has never been greater, and the recycled clothing industry as an avenue for entrepreneurship has remained relatively untapped— until now.

Are You Interested in a Semi-Absentee Franchise Opportunity?

At Clothes Bin®, we connect entrepreneurial-minded individuals to a semi-absentee franchise business opportunity that enables them to do their part to protect the environment while working on a flexible schedule. We invite you to explore our business model further to determine if it could be a good fit for you.

Contact us today to request more clothes recycling franchise information. If you decide to invest in Clothes Bin®, you can look forward to extensive training and support resources from our friendly corporate team.

Are You Ready to Win-Win with the Bin?