Textile Recycling

Recycling your old clothes, shoes, and textiles is a simple way for everyone to make a difference and keep the world green. Textile recycling is the modern, responsible alternative to get rid of those old items.

Before throwing away your unwanted clothes and shoes, think again. According to the Council for Textile Recycling, the average U.S. citizen throws away 70 pounds of textiles annually, accounting for nearly 5% of all landfill space. These numbers are not encouraging as sustainability becomes more widely understood and important to those who would rather be part of the solution than the problem.

Clothes Bin® is a national franchise of independently owned and operated Bins. With conveniently placed drop-off Bins, we are making it easy for folks to recycle their unwanted textiles. Find your local Clothes Bin® and start doing your part to preserve our planet.

What To Do with Old Clothes

All good things must come to an end, including your relationship with the clothing and shoes you know you will never wear again. Selling these items is a great option for those pieces that you never wore, rarely wore, or that have some real value to them. Donating your textiles is another option. Though, donation centers aren’t always reliable as they often are at capacity or not accepting new donations for whatever reason.

Franchisees who join Clothes Bin® have a unique opportunity to promote sustainability and reduce textile waste in communities all over the country. Our signature bright green drop-off Bins are easy to spot and make it convenient for locals to contribute their textiles and practice sustainability. Our management team combines over 125 years of experience in the recycled textiles and franchise industries, providing franchisees a process for collecting and distributing the contents of their Bins.

Find Your Nearest Textile Recycling Bin

Clothes Bin® franchise owners are all over the U.S. Drop-off Bins are usually located in:

  • parking lots outside
  • busy lifestyle centers
  • shopping malls
  • convenience stores

Look for our bright green Bins and bring all your old, outdated, worn-out, worn-down clothes and shoes. Our franchise owners will sell them to local, regional, national, and international buyers who will recycle them responsibly.

How To Reduce Clothing Waste in Your Community

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the textile recycling industry recycles nearly 3.8 billion pounds of post-consumer textile waste (PCTW) each year. That is about equal to 15% of all PCTW. That means approximately 85% of our national PCTW ends up in our landfills. Folks want to help bring this statistic down, and they need access to more Bins.

Become a Clothes Bin® Franchise Owner

Clothes Bin® is an ideal opportunity for anyone looking to supplement their earnings as a semi-absent franchise owner. You work from home while your Bins work 24/7. Each Bin is equipped with our proprietary BLIP® technology, enabling franchise owners to map out their Bin locations and receive an alert whenever a Bin approaches capacity or requires service.

Ready to turn your passion for the environment into your own business? Learn more about our franchise opportunities here.