How Clothes Bins in Convenience Store Parking Lots Can Help Promote Sustainable Fashion

Convenience store owners looking for passive, additional sources of income have a friend in Clothes Bin®. If they have any interest in promoting a more sustainable world, so much the better. By placing a Bin in your store parking lot, you give customers a convenient way to recycle their used clothing, reduce landfill waste, promote sustainable fashion, and earn money all at the same time.  Read on to learn about how a Clothes Bin® recycling franchise can help you achieve your goals.

Sustainable Fashion Requires Action

According to the EPA, 85% of textiles end up in landfills which equates to 17 billion pounds of greenhouse gas-producing waste. For store owners committed to bringing these numbers down, Clothes Bin offers two ways to get involved. You could find a local franchisee willing to rent space in your parking lot for the placement of a recycling bin. Or you could invest in the recycling franchise opportunity yourself. Both options highlight a commitment to sustainability that can even help build a base of loyal customers who share the same values.

Start a Movement from Your Market

Take advantage of foot traffic or visitors making a pitstop along the highway by placing your Bin in a highly visible area of the convenience store parking lot. Talk about it with your customers. Your regulars will return with contributions as will passing by commuters when they find themselves in need of it.

Remember- convenience stores are community-driven, so encourage local residents to make use of the Bin. Remind them how important it is to recycle and even purchase more sustainable clothing themselves. By creating new eco-friendly shoppers, you will play an enormous part in the aim to achieve a carbon-neutral fashion industry built on social justice and ecological integrity.

Build a Greener Community with Clothes Bin®

At Clothes Bin®, our semi-absentee franchise ownership model gives store owners the flexibility to run a second business alongside the market. If that commitment is undesirable, find a local franchisee in your area to rent space in your parking lot and monitor their own Bin.

Whichever option you choose, your commitment to a sustainable future with recycled clothing will resonate with customers. Want to learn more about how you can promote sustainable fashion right from your own parking lot? Contact our franchise team today to request more franchise information.