How Clothes Bin’s BLIP Technology Puts the Convenience in Convenience Store Parking Lots

Running your own convenience store is a great way to earn an income, but you may not be taking full advantage of your business. For instance, investing in a clothes and shoes recycling franchise opportunity can enhance your income even further without adding to your daily responsibilities. Bins are the perfect side hustle for individuals with a lot on their plate, thanks to the lower amount of oversight they require.

That’s precisely where Clothes Bin comes in. As the First and Only Textile Recycling Franchise in the U.S., Clothes Bin® offers a great franchise business opportunity for convenience stores. You can invest in a Clothes Bin on your own, or open your parking lot to a Clothes Bin franchisee, with whom you can negotiate a deal that’s advantageous for all.

Along with the financial benefits, Clothes Bin uses state-of-the-art technology to ensure greater efficiency compared to some other franchise opportunities.

How Does BLIP Technology Work?

BLIP (Bin Location Information Program) provides essential information to franchisees when it comes to their Bins. BLIP technology for clothes bins monitors the capacity of Bins as people deposit clothing and shoes. Once the Bin is near capacity, BLIP sends out a message.

Consider how much foot traffic your establishment receives, which higher traffic areas promote greater recycling. And because so many consumers are environmentally minded these days, offering an efficient way to recycle clothing and shoes can boost your establishment’s reputation and attract even more customers.

What Other Benefits Does BLIP Offer Franchisees?

BLIP technology also enhances Clothes Bin recycling in other ways. Along with notifying you that a Bin is almost full, BLIP can map out the most efficient route from where you are to the full Bin. This allows you to access Bins quickly, which means you can remove items and begin receiving new contributions in an expedient manner.

How Can You Get Started?

If you’re interested in beginning your own semi-absentee franchise, Clothes Bin is the perfect fit for convenience stores. Along with the direct benefits provided by Bins and accompanying BLIP technology, Bins can also raise the profile of your convenience store and boost business among customers concerned about sustainability and the environment.

Contact us today to request more franchise information on Clothes Bins and the many benefits they offer franchisees.