Clothes Recycling Franchise for Middle Schools

There’s plenty to think about if you’re considering investing in a franchise, but location is probably one of the most critical decisions to ensure success. It impacts the volume of foot traffic near your business, who sees your franchise, and whether or not you’ll get the volume required to make a profit.

When it comes to investing in a clothes and shoes recycling franchise opportunity, establishing a Bin at a middle school offers plenty of benefits, plus it’s relatively easy to set up.

Benefits of having a franchise located at a middle school

Setting up a recycling franchise at a middle school offers you plenty of exposure to students, parents, and staff. It also provides many opportunities to promote your Bins and can tie in with any existing recycling programs the school offers. It’s also great for turnover, with new students, parents, and staff arriving each year.

We all know how fast kids outgrow their clothes and shoes. So, providing an easy access Bin for contributions of unwanted items is excellent for your franchise and handy for busy parents, too!

Clothes recycling fundraising for middle schools

Clothes Bin® is passionate about giving back and actively contributing to local communities. It is why, in addition to franchise ownership, public middle schools and other community organizations can participate in the Clothes Bin® fundraising programs–we’ll provide the Bin free of charge and donate a set price per pound of recycled clothes and shoes.

Why a recycling franchise is perfect for a middle school

If we want to instill long-term, positive change to protect our environment, we need to start by educating our kids. Many middle schools already have established programs in place for recycling and have embedded sustainability into their curriculum. Armed with this knowledge, you’re likely to have a proactive group of students looking for easy and convenient ways to recycle using your Bins. And hopefully, they’ll put some friendly pressure on their teachers and parents to participate, too!

Other benefits of owning a textile recycling franchise

While many middle schools have established recycling programs, they don’t typically include textile recycling, which is often overlooked, despite its importance. In the U.S. alone, around 15% of textile waste is recycled, meaning most unwanted clothing and shoes end up in landfills. Setting up a Bin at your middle school makes it easy for people to recycle their clothes, shoes, and other textiles.

Why Clothes Bin® makes an excellent franchise option

Clothes Bin® franchise owners work to positively impact climate change and can help to educate students about the benefits of recycling. We’re passionate about recycling and understand why it’s critical to make it uncomplicated, which is why our franchise model is easy to manage.

Investing in a low-cost clothes and shoes recycling franchise can enhance your existing school recycling program. For example, running a clothing and shoe drive as part of your program demonstrates your school’s commitment and can help jumpstart your fundraising efforts. Request more information about how to start your recycling business franchise with Clothes Bin®.