Clothes Recycling Franchise for High Schools

If you’re an educator looking to support your high school’s fundraising efforts, a clothes and shoe recycling franchise from Clothes Bin® could be the opportunity you’re looking for. Just set up a Bin in a well-trafficked area on your school’s premises and get the word out to students and staff about how easy it is to donate pre-loved clothing and shoes. Benefits include raising money for your school through sales of the clothing you collect and helping promote sustainability by combatting textile waste.

Why location matters

A high school can be an excellent choice for a clothes and shoes recycling franchise opportunity because it allows you to install your Bin in an area that your customers already come to on a regular basis. Best of all, it’s simple to establish and offers a semi-absentee management system which is perfect if you’re busy teaching or administrating.

Why a clothing franchise in your high school makes sense

Setting up a recycling franchise at a high school offers you plenty of benefits, including:


Schools offer annual turnover with new families, students, and staff arriving each year. Plus, students and parents visit the school almost daily, giving you great exposure and opportunities to promote your Bin and generate contributions.

Ideal customers

If you’re a parent or work closely with school-aged children, you know how quickly they can outgrow their clothing. Establishing a clothes recycling Bin at your local school makes it easy for students and their parents to regularly drop off any items of clothing and shoes that they’ve outgrown.

Complements existing programs

Many high schools already have established recycling educational programs, with some even incorporating it into their curriculum. Establishing a recycling Bin on your school’s campus provides an opportunity to reinforce the importance of textile recycling to help protect our planet for future generations.

Sustainability focused

Younger generations are more supportive of recycling and are more likely to support your franchise. According to a recent survey, the vast majority of Gen Z and Millennials support recycling, making a high school a great place to establish a recycling Bin.

Adds another element to recycling programs

Many schools already have recycling programs for paper and plastics, but they often miss the opportunity to recycle textiles. Most unwanted clothes and shoes end up in landfills, with only 15% of textile waste recycled throughout the country. Introducing textiles into your local high school’s recycling program and setting up a Bin for contributions can help significantly boost the volume of materials recycled each year across the nation.

Clothes Bin® provides the Bins free of charge and pays you for the contents. It’s an incredibly low-maintenance way to help meet your school’s fundraising targets.

Why Clothes Bin® could be right for your school

Clothes Bin® is passionate about reducing the number of textiles that end up in landfills each year. Using education to spread the message about the importance of textile recycling is crucial, and we believe our Bins are an easy and practical way to provide an opportunity for everyone to do their part in tackling climate change.

Investing in a low-cost clothing recycling franchise opportunity can demonstrate your commitment to sustainability by enhancing your school’s existing recycling program. Working with Clothes Bin can also help your school’s fundraising activities and offer educational opportunities for students to learn more about the damage textiles can do to our environment.

If you’re interested in becoming a franchise owner, request more franchise information. A member of our team will be in touch to discuss the requirements for purchasing a recycling business franchise with Clothes Bin®.