Examples of Semi-Absentee Franchises

Have you always longed to become an entrepreneur but couldn’t do it full-time? Have you retired and miss working but don’t want full-time employment? Do you prefer working from home? A semi-absentee franchise allows you to work flexible hours while pursuing your entrepreneurial dreams and earn money. Keep your day job or stay semi-retired while running a low-cost semi-absentee business.

Semi-Absentee Franchise Opportunities

Most standard franchises require the owner to work more than full-time. The days are long, and your presence is required. A semi-absentee franchise opportunity allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds. However, they aren’t nearly as numerous as standard franchises.

Semi-absentee franchise opportunities are most readily available in the following industries:

  • Car washes
  • Fitness centers
  • Hair salons
  • Ice cream or frozen yogurt
  • Tanning salons
  • Vending machines

Semi-Absentee Recycling Franchise

Another attractive semi-absentee franchise opportunity lies in the recycling industry. Clothes Bin is an excellent example of a semi-absentee clothing recycling opportunity. It is a green, for-profit recycling franchise. Here’s how it works:

Donations of clothes, shoes, or textiles are made in the bright green Bins strategically located in the parking lots of gas stations, convenience stores, shopping centers, and other places where people frequently gather. Bins are picked up when they reach near capacity and find buyers via our National Buyer Program. Buyers typically include secondhand and thrift stores, flea-market sellers, or regional, national, or international wholesalers.

In addition, an elementary school serves as a suitable site for bin placement. Remember that your school receives money for every pound that is recycled. Clothes Bins make fine fundraising vehicles when held in conjunction with clothing and shoe drives. Elementary school children outgrow their clothes and shoes rapidly, so it’s a win-win situation for environmentally conscious kids and their parents. Also, ask how you can receive a $100 signing bonus!


To qualify for a Clothes Bin Franchise, you’ll need approved credit. Upon paying the initial fees, you should be on target to open your first set of Bins within 90 days. Purchase more than one territory and receive a discount. On average, territories make up 350 gas stations or the equivalent.

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If you find the idea of becoming a semi-absentee franchise owner intriguing, request more franchise info about Clothes Bin today. Our comprehensive, hands-on support and training programs provide the tools necessary to learn the business–even if you have no prior sales or business experience. You’ll learn how to sign up for Bin locations and hire employees. There’s no need for office space for Clothing Bin management. All you need is an internet connection!