How Clothes Bin Can Generate Ancillary Income for Shopping Centers

No matter how thriving a shopping center may be, property owners are wise to seek additional revenue sources. Ancillary income is revenue that is generated from a secondary or tertiary source that is not a part of a company’s core products and services. In a shopping center, these opportunities can take many forms, including ATM/Bitcoin installs, pop-up stores and food trucks, water filling stations, flowers, and today- textile recycling.

Clothes Bin is an affordable franchise opportunity where owners arrange for the placement of one of their signature Bins for the purpose of collecting and recycling used clothing. Through their semi-absentee franchise model, the company Bins produce an alternative source of funds while promoting a more sustainable world.

Examples of supplemental income in shopping centers

Retail locations offer an ideal place to invest in ancillary sources of revenue. Even better if the area already has a lot of foot traffic or wants to attract more. As an example of the latter, a person might intend merely to make a quick contribution of clothes or shoes and then end up having lunch or patronizing another business. It’s a win-win for the shop keepers, the commercial real estate investors, and franchise owners alike.


Here’s a look at some examples of other ways to expand earning potential:

  • Advertisements – Selling ad space is very effective. Take a walk around your shopping center to see where the ideal placements for ads might be. These are ideally visible areas that receive plenty of foot traffic.
  • ATM installations – Owner investment varies depending on whether you want to own the machine outright or if you share usage fees with a company to maintain it.
  • Water filling stations – This idea can be particularly well-suited to shopping centers. A for-fee water filling station allows shoppers to fill up their reusable water bottles. Plus, it benefits the environment by encouraging the use of reusable bottles.
  • Pop-up retail locations can be effective short-term income generators for shopping centers. Consider seasonal opportunities, such as Mother’s Day flower stands, weekend greenmarkets, and Christmas gift villages.

Earn ancillary income and protect the planet

Clothes Bin offers commercial real estate owners a semi-absentee business that serves as both an income generator and satisfies the public demand for environmentally friendly solutions to textile waste. Instead of filling up already packed landfills, pre-loved clothes and shoes can be recycled.


While the commercial property benefits from a healthy ancillary income stream, visitors to the retail complex will appreciate the convenience of having a reliable place to deposit their old clothes and being part of global solution to a big problem.

Are you ready to win-win with the Bin?

Ready to generate revenue for your shopping center in a way that promotes social responsibility? The Clothes Bin recycling franchise opportunity is accepting inquiries from interested property owners and managers who are curious about creating ancillary income on a semi-absentee basis. Click here to request more franchise information today.

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