Texas Recycling Franchise Opportunity

In Texas, the absence of personal income tax, access to financing, and abundance of commercial centers in Texas all make it an ideal state to start a Clothes Bin® franchise. For nearly two decades, CEOs have cited Texas as the “top state for business.” Franchise businesses, in particular, enjoy great success in the Lone Star State. Just look around any major city and you’ll see KFC, McDonald’s, Anytime Fitness, and Marriott — thriving.

Would You Like To Own a Business in Texas?

Many people dream of pursuing a Texas franchise opportunity, whether a veteran, computer programmer, tax accountant, firefighter, police officer, teacher, retiree, manager, or serial-entrepreneur. Starting a business from scratch can be costly, risky, and time-consuming – which is what makes the franchise model an attractive alternative. With a little bit of capital, franchisees can diversify and expand their interests with a hands-on business that is on the leading edge of the Green Movement.

Clothes Bin® is one of the “Top 500 Franchises” in the country, specializing in clothing and textile recycling.

Invest in a Texas Textile Recycling Business

Franchise OpportunitiesPublic demand for recycling solutions has never been higher, and yet, this market remains largely untapped. Annually, some 17 billion pounds of textiles end up U.S. landfills. Textile waste occupies 5% of all landfill space, but 85% of this waste is preventable with a proper recycling program in place.

Clothes Bin® is a leading recycling business for sale in Texas, ranked by Entrepreneur Magazine among the “Top 500 Franchises” in the country. With public demand for recycling solutions on the rise, we have expanded our franchise presence from Davies, Florida to more than 15 states since 2014. There is still plenty of untapped potential in Texas for you to become part of this growing industry.

Our mission is to help individuals attain the dream of business ownership through a flexible franchise system that promotes environmental stewardship and stimulates local economies.

Looking for a Business for Sale in Texas? Become a Clothes Bin® Franchisee!

As a Clothes Bin® franchisee, you’ll invest in a Texas franchise opportunity that:

  • Requires no prior business experience
  • Offers a flexible schedule set by you
  • You can work-from-home with low overhead
  • Needs no raw materials, inventory, or goods
  • Can be purchased with modest investment and working capital
  • Virtually runs itself with 0-3 employees and a rental truck
  • Potentially makes money 24/7, as the community contributes
  • Provides ample expansion opportunities
  • Comes with access to a National Buyer Program and full franchisee support
  • Aids community initiatives and the Green Movement with an innovative program

How Clothes Bin® Franchises Work in Texas

Become a Clothes Bin® franchise owner by:

  1. Reading in-depth about the Clothes Bin® franchise opportunity.
  2. Filling out our contact form to speak with a Clothes Bin®
  3. Completing the application process, including initial investment, and meeting all financial requirements.
  4. Attending a Discovery Day in Davies, FL and meeting your program representative.
  5. Attending two weeks of hands-on corporate training in South Florida.
  6. Attending one-week of in-territory training at your location and planning optimal Bin locations.

Once you have selected your exclusive Texas territory, you will place your Bins in choice locations. Our proprietary BLIP® technology will send you alerts when Bins near capacity and need to be emptied. Your local network of buyers and our National Buyer Program will help you earn money for the recyclables based on the resale value of the items in your Bins. When it’s time to scale up operations, contact the Clothes Bin headquarters to learn about special discounts for existing franchise owners who wish to expand their reach.

What Makes Clothes Bin® Special?

You may have seen other textile bins around town, but Clothes Bin® stands out in that our Bins are:

  • Durable, constructed of galvanized steel
  • Bright, coated with weather and UV-resistant laminate and anti-graffiti coating
  • Tamper-proof, with a secure, mailbox-style chute
  • Equipped with proprietary technology to monitor fill level

Where is Clothes Bin® in Texas?

Contact a Franchise Development Representative to discuss potential territories in Texas, which may include:

  • Arlington
  • Austin
  • Corpus Christi
  • Dallas
  • El Paso
  • Fort Worth
  • Galveston
  • Houston
  • Laredo
  • Plano
  • San Antonio

Essentially, wherever there is a high density of gas stations, schools, grocery stores, and commercial centers, then for-profit textile collection is marketable. If you have a proposed territory that’s not on this shortlist, contact Clothes Bin® to discuss opportunities.

Learn More About Texas Franchise Opportunities with Clothes Bin®

The allure of Texas franchise opportunities is obvious. Who wouldn’t want to be a boss, working on a flexible schedule, earning a living, and pursuing an admirable goal like cleaning up the Earth? A franchise comes with built-in name recognition, turnkey marketing and systems, proprietary technology, and mentor support.

Clothes Bin® is an SBA-approved franchise, so you may access loans and financing through the Small Business Association. Other potential sources of financing include 401k rollovers, home equity lines of credit, and third-party loans. Our low, flat royalty fees are yet another reason to choose Clothes Bin. ® We also offer discounts for first responders, firefighters, and police officers. If you’d like to purchase additional territories, you’ll be happy to know you can get your second set of bins at a 50% discount and your third set at 75% off.

 The dream of entrepreneurship is as American as baseball and apple pie. You can make your dream a reality with the Clothes Bin® franchise and help make the Earth a habitable environment for generations to come. Contact us to see if we’re a good fit for your needs.




Florida Recycling Franchise Business Opportunity

The Clothes Bin Recycling Franchise

Clothes Bin® is not just a Florida franchise opportunity for would-be entrepreneurs, founded in 2014, we have since expanded to 15+ states, with our sights set on the entire country.

The desire to reduce dependence on landfills and conserve resources is universal, but especially palpable here in Florida, where we care so deeply about preserving the places we love most. Many of us share environmental values, so we can enjoy our beautiful beaches, breathe clean air, drink clean water, and use sustainable energy to power our lives for generations to come.

Recycling textile waste is an important part of achieving this goal. Your franchise could be part of this rising tide of environmentalism. Clothes Bin® offers a sound business model with a solid reputation and support system for achieving your goals.

Do You Dream of Working for Yourself in Florida?

IFA Franchising MemberDue to the relatively passive nature of the franchise business model, we attract many franchisees who are serial entrepreneurs, part-time workers, veterans, firemen, police officers, teachers, computer programmers, retirees, upper-level managers, and anyone looking for a turnkey enterprise offering flexible scheduling, in-depth training, and competitive margins.

Clothes Bin® is one of the “Top 500 Franchises” in the country, specializing in clothing and textile recycling.

Why Not Invest in a Recycling Business in Florida?

Opportunity is piling up. Every year, 17 billion pounds of textiles end up U.S. landfills. Floridians produce hundreds of thousands of tons in textile waste each year. The fact that so little of it is recycled or reused is less a reflection of Floridians’ interest in preserving the planet than it is a matter of  inconvenience and inaccessibility. Investors interested in running a recycling business for sale in Florida can help.

Looking for a Business for Sale in Florida? Choose Clothes Bin®!

You might choose Clothes Bin® if you’re seeking a Florida franchise opportunity where you can enjoy benefits such as:

  • No experience necessary
  • Flexible work hours
  • Work-from-home, with no lease or space purchase
  • No ongoing cost-of-goods or raw materials
  • Modest investment and working capital
  • Minimal overhead commitments
  • Zero to few employees
  • 24/7 operations
  • Ample expansion opportunities
  • Access to a National Buyer Program
  • Participation in your community’s Green Movement

We provide you with a proven process, access to marketing materials and technology, as well as full training and support. The Bin itself is special – constructed of galvanized steel; bright, weather-resistant UV laminate exterior with anti-graffiti coating; and a secure, tamper-proof mailbox-style chute. Inside, BLIP® technology monitors the fill level to alert you when it’s time to collect your haul.

How Clothes Bin® Franchises Operate in Florida

Prospective business owners are invited to explore the Clothes Bin® opportunity by following these steps:

  1. Learn about our franchises for sale in Florida.
  2. Contact us to see if a Clothes Bin® franchise is a good fit for you.
  3. Attend a Discovery Day in Davies, FL, where you’ll work with a Franchise Development Representative.
  4. Attend two weeks of corporate training in South Florida.
  5. Attend one-week of in-territory training at your location and plan where to put your local Bins.
  6. After the Bins are delivered, members of the community can contribute clothing and shoes to the Bins.
  7. Later, talk to us about scaling up operations to new territories at a discounted rate.

Where is Clothes Bin® in Florida?

A Franchise Development Representative will go over potential territories in greater detail with you, but here are some of the top places for recycling textiles in Florida include:

  • Top recycling counties: Miami and Tampa

If you have a proposed territory that’s not on this shortlist, contact Clothes Bin® and tell us about it.

Learn More About Florida Franchise Opportunities

With Florida franchise opportunities such as Clothes Bin, you are your own boss. You work on your own schedule, while maintaining flexibility to work another job, take vacation, or spend time with your family. You benefit from a franchise model that comes with built-in name recognition, marketing/advertising materials, proprietary technology, and plenty of support for franchise owners.

If you want to own a Florida franchise, the Clothes Bin® opportunity requires you to make a comparatively low initial investment and a prescribed minimum amount of working capital. Candidates must also have a minimum stated net worth and liquidity, along with an approved credit score.

Potential sources of financing include Small Business Association loans and financing, 401k rollovers, home equity lines of credit, equipment financing, and third-party loans. We charge low, flat royalty fees and offer discounts for first responders and subsequent territories.

 Many people in Florida still dream of sizing up their income and engaging in values-based work. Transform your dreams into reality with the Clothes Bin® model. Contact us to learn more today.