Best Part-Time Franchise Opportunities

Perhaps you’ve been bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, but you aren’t quite sure you’re ready to take the plunge and launch a company from scratch. One attractive alternative is buying into a part-time franchise opportunity. As a franchisee, you’ll have the benefit of a proven business model and extensive corporate support, plus an established, marketable brand. And, with a part-time franchise business, you can run your new company on a semi-absentee basis while continuing to have enough time for your other pursuits.

Here’s a look at some of the most attractive part-time franchise opportunities to consider.

Interior design consultants

Do you have an eye for color palettes and a passion for interior design? Perhaps you should consider buying into an interior design consultancy franchise. You may find yourself visiting clients’ homes on a part-time basis, such as during the weekends or evenings, to help them choose the best paint colors, wallpaper, and stencils for their homes. You may even be able to do appointments over video chat or by phone for greater flexibility.

Auto appraisal businesses

Aspiring entrepreneurs with a passion for street, classic, and collector cars might consider starting an auto appraisal franchise. This type of franchise is well-suited to part-time entrepreneurs, as well as retirees looking to supplement their retirement income. You would evaluate vehicles and provide professional vehicle appraisal reports.

Pop-up food trucks

Running a restaurant or even a food truck can be a lot of work, requiring long hours and often involving high-stress situations. A more appealing option might be to operate a pop-up food or alcohol truck. You could sell specialty food or alcoholic beverages out of your food truck at events that take place on the weekends or evenings, leaving you free to follow your usual routine during the weekdays.

Clothing recycling franchise business

Another part-time franchise business that shouldn’t be overlooked is a clothing recycling franchise ownership opportunity. Clothing recycling can be a great opportunity because it requires a relatively small upfront investment compared to a business like a restaurant—there are no premises required to rent and no inventory to purchase and store. Plus, textile recycling is important for a sustainable future with less waste.

After setting up the clothing recycling Bins, people from around the area will bring their old and unwanted textiles to the Bins. You’ll then sell the contributions to textile recyclers. This franchise business can be operated on a semi-absentee basis.

Request franchise information from Clothes Bin®

If you aspire to own your own franchise business, but you don’t want to work 80-hour weeks, then perhaps a semi-absentee franchise business opportunity would be the right fit for you. Clothes Bin® offers a proven business model to our franchisees, along with extensive training, high-tech solutions, and support to help franchisees launch their new businesses. After setting up your clothes recycling Bins, you’ll wait for community residents to make their contributions. You’ll pick them up and empty them when they reach near capacity, and sell them to recyclers with help from our National Buyer Program. To request more franchise info, contact us today.