Steps to becoming a Clothes Bin®  Franchise Owner

Clothes Bin® makes it easy for prospective entrepreneurs wondering how to start a recycling business to take that leap with a fully supported franchise opportunity available nationwide. Our experienced team introduces a proven and cost-effective business model based on over 125 years in the recycled textiles and franchise industries. If you’ve been pining to own a small business, work for yourself, and help the planet, the Clothes Bin® franchise is for you.

Clothes Bin® is one of Entrepreneur Magazine’s “Top 100 New Franchises,” based on cost, fees, size, growth, financial strength, and franchisee support.

How a Clothes Bin® Franchise Works

In summary, here are the steps to owning your own franchise:

Recycling Franchise Information

  1. Request more franchise information (on this page or contact us)
  2. Schedule a “Get to Know You” call with our Franchise Development Manager, Craig Campbell
  3. Complete our Clothes Bin Personal Profile Form
  4. Receive & review the Franchise Disclosure Document
  5. Franchisee Validation: Get to know our franchisees
  6. Executive Call: Meet our Executive Team
  7. Agreement Signed

Once you make the initial investment, you can run your business as a semi-absentee owner with minimal duty and continue to grow your business.

  1. Choose ideal locations in town to place your Bins. These could be schools, gas stations, or shopping plazas.
  2. Wait for community contributors to fill their Bins with used and unwanted clothes, shoes, and other textiles.
  3. The BLIP system alerts you when the Bins are near capacity and ready to be serviced.
  4. Contents are unloaded from the truck to the nearest textile recycling center
  5. You receive funds for the textile contributions.

Clothes Bin® franchisees are supported every step of the way.

Corporate personnel aid in training and Bin placement. Franchisees can choose a hands-off Bin location with service provided, or they may hire part-time staff members and a rental truck. We can also help you find the buyers who will purchase the contents of your Bins. Learn more about how the franchise works.

Here is How To Get Started

Review the Clothes Bin® Franchise Opportunity

First, learn how to own a franchise on our website.

Then, contact us by submitting the online Franchise Information Request Form.

Once we receive your request, a franchise development representative will provide you with more information about our franchise opportunity and explain the next steps.

See our FAQs

Fill out the form to get started and meet your team today

Let’s Get to Know Each Other

Joining a franchise is a crucial decision, and we want to make sure we are a great fit for you and you for us. Our exploratory process is a mutually beneficial process to gain insight into our respective backgrounds, understand your goals, and get all important concerns and questions out on the table and answered

If the feeling is still mutual, submit the “Clothes Bin® Profile Form” provided by your franchise development representative. This form will help us facilitate you in achieving your objectives and goals for franchise ownership.

After receiving your completed form and confirming that you meet the criteria for becoming an independent Clothes Bin® business owner, we will invite you to speak to multiple members of our team and get you set up for success!

Take the time to evaluate our opportunity carefully. Review all documents thoroughly, so you can be confident you are making a sound investment in your future with a Clothes Bin® franchise. If you have any remaining questions at this time, your franchise development representative will be available to answer them and confirm your potential as a franchise partner candidate.


Meet the Team and View the Operations.

IFA Franchising MemberUpon successful completion of Steps 1 and 2, we will welcome you to visit our team in sunny South Florida and attend a “Discovery Day.” This is the time for you to come to our corporate headquarters and view our operating procedures in person.

Upon selection of your territory and payment of all fees, you will be well on your way to owning and operating your Clothes Bin® Franchise. The next step will be attending the corporate training program, the in-territory training program, and scheduling the delivery of your Bins.


Why Textile Recycling?

Opportunity is piling up. Every year, 85% of textile waste unnecessarily ends up in landfills, which equates to an astounding 17 BILLION POUNDS polluting our earth. Lack of convenience is the major driving force behind this unfortunate trend. There is pent-up consumer demand for green solutions in textile recycling, which Clothes Bin® is happy to provide.


There are many avenues to secure financing so you can own a franchise. Clothes Bin® is SBA-approved, so you may seek a Small Business Association loan or financing. Other possibilities include 401k rollovers, home equity line of credit, equipment financing, and third-party loans.

Clothes Bin® is an affordable franchise, as there is no office overhead and no marketing/advertising fees. You only pay flat weekly royalty fees for your Bins and BLIP® technology.


Scaling Up a Recycling Business

The initial recycling business package comes with a minimum of 20 Bins. Once you are comfortable in the recycling business, you’ll be able to purchase more Bins and expand to new locations.

Request more information about running a Clothes Bin® recycling business by filling out the form below.